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Cadent Capital Advisors,
LLC Business Continuity Plan
Summary Disclosure Statement


In the event of a significant business disruption, whether it be internal or external,Cadent Capital Advisors, LLC (CCA) will post on its website all necessary information for clients to continue accessing their accounts and maintaining contact with CCA and its custodians. On the web page you will find all the information you will require during a significant disruption in either the financial markets or the operation of the firm as a whole.

As all securities are held in custody by Fidelity Investments or directly with a custodian or PKS, clients’ access to their funds and securities is assured. In the event of a significant business disruption at our locations, CCA has made arrangements to relocate all mission critical information, personnel, and documentation to an alternative location.

This plan is subject to modification at any time, or as the need arises. All updated information will be posted to the web site.

Clients may obtain a written copy of this business continuity summary by contacting Mendee Perry, Chief Compliance Officer at 4525 East 91st Street, Tulsa, OK 74137.